Palermo Sofa Set ( 3+2+1)

A Modern Comfort Wonder...

With its style reflecting posture, luxurious fabric, wooden walnut footwork and carefully crafted details, Palermo Sofa Set; It adds style to the spaces with 3 's, 2 's seats and 360 's turnstiles.

-In the fabrics were used items which are over 20.000 of martin value.
-Consist of triple seater, double seater and bergere
-Cascade headboad can be adjusted via mechanism
-For the frame specially painted metal is used
-35D extra flexi soft CNC sponge is used for seater.
-The legs are made of beech wood
-On the sitting pillows, there are 90 gr first quality laminated fiber
-Sewings are made with yarns which is used in special leather sewing
-There is a electronic motorized bed mechanism.