Who we are

About Us

We’re a Tottenham based furniture shop born in Turkey. Our main aim is to provide the UK with Turkish inspired furniture that’s tailored to your needs; if you’re looking for a furniture shop in Tottenham with a unique edge, and want high quality but affordable products, then Mobilyum is the furniture shop for you.

Our Furniture and Accessories

We offer a wide range of furniture and home accessories, from sofa sets to coat stands; we can provide you with contemporary furniture to suit all styles. Our main aim is to combine ease with beautiful, dependable furnishings – we achieve this by using a customer-focused service, our furniture shop in Tottenham provides free measurements and professional advice to all of our clients.

Our ability to then alter each item of furniture’s measurements to perfectly fit your home ensures you’re getting an unparalleled service.

Tailored to You

The main benefit of using our Turkish furniture shop in Tottenham is to gain unique and customised furniture which fulfils your creativity and brings your home to a new level of style. We tailor both our furniture and our knowledge to each individual – with an extensive experience working within design, and a passion for creating furniture that brings both style and durability to a space, our customers are guaranteed the perfect product, suited to their needs. We pride ourselves on a bespoke furniture shop service that’s second to none.

Designed to Last

Our Tottenham furniture shop offers only durable furniture that’s built to last; we don’t believe in mass producing low-quality products that need to be replaced after a short time. We want our customers to invest in our high-quality furniture as there are so many advantages:

·        You save money investing in the long run

·        Robust and capable to deal with everyday wear

·        Better overall value

·        Good for the environment

·        Better quality product

·        Low budget items don’t give you the option of customising

·        Less maintenance

·        Timeless


Turkish Roots

Our furniture shop in Tottenham sources all its furnishings directly from Turkey, all of your chosen amendments take place in our oversees furniture shop then it’s shipped straight to you. By purchasing products from our Turkish furniture shop you’re guaranteeing a unique alternative to what’s already on the UK high street, browse our ranges to see how you can make your style stand out. 

Contact Us

If you require any more information on our furniture shop in Tottenham, or want to find out more about how we source products for our Turkish furniture shop, please don’t hesitate to call us today on 0203 4415 120. Alternatively, you can contact us online or email us at info@mobilyum-uk.com for a prompt response on any of our furniture in Tottenham.